At Dona Paterna we respect and value the best that the territory offers us.

Believing that the implementation of environmentally responsible practices is an obligation for all, we aim to grow the sector based on the principles of sustainable development. A growth that only make sense if it is carried out side by side with the guarantee that it is being supported by policies that respect economic, social and environmental development.

Therefore, we adopt sustainable management at all levels of our activity, which translates into a commitment to the planet and to the future generations. With the adoption of measures to preserve, eliminate and reduce the environmental impacts caused by the work we carry out, as well as the adoption and promotion of good wine-growing practices, we assume ones that guarantee:

Respect and preservation of biodiversity and its habitats;

The production of excellent wines, valuing the Alvarinho grape as a high quality raw material

  • minimizing the impact and use of plant protection products
  • raising employees’ awareness of the conscious use of vehicles and equipment
  • the commitment to an economy that is increasingly circular throughout the production and distribution line
  • conscious and responsible use of resources, namely the scarcest: water and energy
  • the adoption of materials that guarantee respect for forest management and reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • efficient waste management, promoting reuse and recycling whenever possible.
  • the dematerialization of processes, focusing on their digitization

In this context, and even more as our brand is located in a municipality that belongs to the only National Park in Portugal, the Peneda Gerês National Park -PNPG, consecrated by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, we are also committed to reinforcing environmental culture with the employees, suppliers, and customers.

A commitment to nature and territory!

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