Passion for the vineyard

The alvarinho Dona Paterna was born from the passion of Carlos Alberto Codesso who, inspired by his father, Manuel Francisco Codesso, was interested in vineculture from a very early age. Obstinate and encouraged by his parents, in 1974, Carlos Alberto Codesso started the first plantation of Alvarinho.

The knowledge of the terroir, the contact with the vineyard, the cultivation of vines and finally the experience in winemaking was the foundation for the creation in 1990 of the Alvarinho wine brand Dona Paterna.

This relationship between wine and the terroir where it is located, respect for the environment, as well as the commitment to technology, allows to present today different profiles of high quality Dona Paterna Alvarinho.


In addition to the rich natural landscape, it is possible to admire the old monastery and its ancient Romanesque church, considered a national monument. An old historical tradition states that the Monastery of Paderne, the parish where Dona Paterna brand is based, was founded in the 10th century by Dona Paterna a lady married to Count D. Hemenegildo, Tui’s governor and sister of the famous “São Rosendo da Ordem dos Cónegos Regrantes de Stº Agostinho”. The name of this parish has its origins here and, honouring history, the name of this wine Dona Paterna.
A unique terroir in the world

The natural conditions of the microclimate and soil make the sub-region Monção and Melgaço a unique terroir in the world and the birthplace of Alvarinho. Thanks to the Atlantic exposure and a climate characterised by high rainfall, atmospheric humidity, mild temperatures and small thermal amplitudes, the Alvarinho variety reaches its maximum potential in this terroir.

Alvarinho wine is a noble wine. This variety is only produced up to 200 meters of altitude, and it is here that this variety finds the ideal conditions for cultivation and maturation. Hence its rarity and low production. Monção and Melgaço is not only the birthplace, but also the home of the Alvarinho variety. This sub-region was created in 1908, part of the White Wine Region, but the Alvarinho has existed in Portugal for over 700 years.

Unique wines

Dona Paterna wines are produced in an area of 17.5 hectares, in land of granite origin with a gentle slope and half slope facing south, in order to obtain a better sun exposure and, in this way, benefit from its maturation.

The new fermentation technologies, combined with ancestral winemaking processes, contribute to extracting all the grapes that arrive at the cellar. The result is different profiles, with unique and authentic flavours, living up to the terroir that gives them life and ideas for different side dishes: as an aperitif or to accompany seafood, fish or poultry dishes.

The oenological Support is in charge of the oenologist Fernando Moura, one of the most experienced and accredited technicians in the region.

It’s been around 50 years, motivated by passion and the desire to know and do more and better. In fact, it was my adventurous spirit that led me to bet on brandies when no one else had them. Carlos Alberto Codesso, wine producer.
Carlos Alberto Codesso


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