Dona Paterna alvarinho brandy ice cream in a partnership whith Neveiros

In a partnership with the renowned ice cream shop Neveiros, the Melgaço wine brand Dona Paterna will present and test the alvarinho brandy ice cream next weekend. It was last August that Dona Paterna announced that in 2023 it would launch an alvarinho ice cream, but it came earlier and for the Festa do Espumante de Melgaço, which takes place on November 25, 26 and 27th of november.  

The result is a perfect harmony between the sweetness of the ice cream and the flavor of the alvarinho wine brandy, Dona Paterna XO. It has only three ingredients – milk, sugar, and brandy, in its homemade and natural form. “It is an exquisite ice cream, like the brandy that gives it shape. A simplicity with an explosion of flavors,” guarantees Neveiros.

The Dona Paterna alvarinho ice cream is born from the brand’s desire to innovate and invest in new segments. Recall that earlier this year, the Melgaço brand took a risk, in partnership with a local producer – Elisangela Castro, from Sabor do Céu – in creating an Easter egg with brandy Dona Paterna and alvarinho Dona Paterna bonbons. “The alvarinho is very versatile. We can create experiences with it without losing the authenticity of its flavor. The bet of our brand in new products, as was the case with the chocolates and the Easter egg, and now the ice cream, is a way to enhance even more the value of our grape variety, alvarinho. We believe that this way we will be able to reach a larger and different public,” says the producer of Dona Paterna, Carlos Codesso, considering that “I am sure that even the most skeptical and those who do not appreciate brandy will not remain indifferent to this ice cream. The result is exceptional. An ice cream with character.”

“Tradition goes hand in hand with creativity in this partnership between Neveiros and Dona Paterna. Two historic and pioneering brands that promise now to conquer many fans with this combination between the flavor of brandy, with the pleasure of a handmade ice cream,” says the brand of ice cream from Porto.



Last April, in the contest “Os Melhores Verdes 2022”, an initiative promoted by the Comissão de Viticultura da Região dos Vinhos Verdes (CVRVV), the Aguardente Vínica XO de Alvarinho Dona Paterna was awarded a gold medal, in the category Vinho Verde Brandy.aguardente XO

The Dona Paterna XO is a vinic brandy, which results from the distillation of wines from the Alvarinho grape variety and with the care that such an operation requires.

Just like Dona Paterna Velhíssima, Dona Paterna XO ages in oak casks of different origins for several years.

It is topaz in color, with a characteristic woody aroma, given its aging years in wooden barrels, complex and smooth flavor, structured and unctuous. The ex-libris of Dona Paterna in this segment.


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