“Awful” and alvarinho chocolates

With Halloween right around the corner, the Dona Paterna alvarinho chocolates dressed up to celebrate the spookiest night of the year. With two flavours, some made with Alvarinho Reserva Dona Paterna and others with Aguardente Bagaceira from Dona Paterna alvarinho, these “awful” sweets promise to delight the most greedy, but also the alvarinho lovers.

The chocolates are decorated with images and elements alluding to terror, such as ghosts and eyes, and the filling is fruit-flavored and Alvarinho: the Alvarinho Reserva Dona Paterna chocolates are filled with pineapple essence and the Bagaceira brandy is strawberry-flavored. The chocolate coating has 64% cocoa, “to please everyone”, says producer Elisangela Castro.

Bombons de alvarinho Dona Paterna Bombons de alvarinho Dona Paterna








Now presented with a thematic image, but the Dona Paterna alvarinho chocolates were born in April 2022, from a synergy with the pastry shop Sabor do Céu, by the hands of Elisangela Castro, who states that “the result is a perfect balance between sweet and sour and with an alvarinho flavor”, that “we always try to surprise our customers. The Dona Paterna alvarinho chocolates are a big success and we wanted to spoil our customers with some Halloween themed chocolates.”

“We are sure that these chocolates will make a difference for their quality and authentic flavor,” says the producer of Dona Paterna, Carlos Codesso, pointing the importance of creating synergies with local producers in order to promote Melgaço: “It is true that alvarinho wine is one of the greatest hallmarks of Melgaço, the region, but people like and should have other suggestions. Here we have excellent products, not only cuisine, but also tourism, sports, nature …, although we have the potential to innovate and provide new experiences, and with the alvarinho we can do that. In the end, it´s a win-win situation, because if the territory wins, so do we.”

Bombons de alvarinho Dona Paterna

The product is on sale until October 31 at the producer’s bakery, Sabor do Céu, located in Melgaço (Rua Dr. Augusto César Esteves – Melgaço, tel +351 934 352 915) and on the weekend at the restaurant Tasquinha da Portela (Portela, Paderne, 4960-263 Melgaço, tel +351 968 825 682).  Dona Paterna’s alvarinho chocolates (made with Alvarinho Reserva) are for daily sales at this bakery and also at Solar do Alvarinho (Alameda Inês Negra 4960-561 Melgaço) and on the weekend at Tasquinha da Portela restaurant.



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