World Tourism Day

Those who intend to visit the A Lanterna Restaurante on September 27th (Tuesday), in the historic center of Melgaço Town, will be treated with a glass of Dona Paterna Alvarinho wine. This action is a way of the Dona Paterna brand to marl the World Tourism Day.

Celebrated since 1980, this event promotes awareness of the social, cultural, political, and economic value of tourism and its contribution to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This year, the World Tourism Organization (WTO) celebrates the day foresseing the future. The entity highlights that it’s the moment to reflect about the way touris mis seen and done: placing people and the planet first and bond everyone around a common and shared visiono f a more sustainable, inclusive, and resiliente tourism.

Melgaço is a place of excellence. Here lies nature, sport, culture, history, heritage, good food and alvarinho wine, ehich i sone of the main and growing tourist atrrasctions. “When tourists come to our region, they expect a diversity of activities. Which they actually find because we have a huge pffer for them. Allied to that we have the alvarinho, meaning for quality and unique”,says Carlos Condesso, wine producer, considerinh that, “it is on the table that our alvarinhos reveal the best they have to offer, combined with the delicious cousine of the region. That’s why we decide to toast all people who visits A Lanterna Restaurant on this World Tourism Day”.


The Alvarinho Reserva wine Dona Paterna is a classic.
A nectar full of delicacy, freshness and minerality, with delicated White fruit, citrus, saline tones, and flowers. Ideal as na appetizer or to accompany seafood, fish dishes or poultry dishes. Should be serverd bettween 50º-51,8ºF.

The Alvarinho Trajadura Dona Paterna wine results from a perfect harmony of Alvarinho and Trajadura grape varieties. It present a citrine yellow colour, elegante and mineral scent and delicate taste. This wine is ideal as an appetizer to ccompany seafood, fish dishes or poultry dishes. Should be served between 46º-48ºF.



Thanks to the Atlantic exposure and a climate known by high rainfall, atmospheric moisture, mild temperatures and small temperatures ranges, the Alvarinho variety reaches i this terroir the maximum of its potential.

The Alvarinho wine is a noble

wine. This caste is only produced up to 200 meters of altitude, and it is here that this caste find the perfct conditions for cultivation and maturation. Hence

its rarity and low production. Monção and Melgaço aren’t only the birthpalce, but also the manor house of Alvarinho.

The sub-region of Monção and Melgaço was created in 1908, integrated in the Vinho Verde Region, alttough the Alvarinho grape variety exists in Portugal for over 700 years.



With this action, the Dona Paterna brand once again invests in sinergies with local producers. “It only makes sense by creating experiences that involve the territory. The many agentes that operate here. The sub-regions only makes sense that way and for that, we have to work together. The visitor, the costumer, doesn’t want jus tone experience or product, but a variety of experiences.”, say Carlos Codesso. Those who visit the A Lanterna Restaurant on this day will also receive another souvenir from Dona Paterna brand, as an expression od gratitude for choosing the restaurante on this World Tourism Day.


A Lanterna Restaurant is located in the historical center of Melgaço-53, Dr.Afonso Costa Street, Melgaço- Portugal 4960-519. The space invites you to taste the authentic flavours of Melgaço. Please Contact (+351) 521 402 602 for reservation.


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